Simply installing a large, business-wide network is not necessarily enough to guarantee fast, latency-free connection at your company premises. It is only the first step of a much larger plan of attack, one which includes a lot of other implementations that need to be looked after to ensure none of your employees can complain about poor connectivity. Even though improving the connection speed at your business premises may be vital to improving productivity, it also has to be said that many people don’t have many ideas when it comes to the several implementations that you can do in order to bring your data network closer to what you need. If you need help, here are some things to take into consideration, if you haven’t already done so:

Allocate Bandwidth AccordinglyNot all machines and devices connected to your business network need the same amount of bandwidth. Give priority to those users and applications which need constant network access for successful operation, especially the ones which need to be kept up to date at every possible second. Other users may be allocated bandwidth according to their needs, which can differ depending on what they are doing at any particular time.

Schedule Network Maintenance When Performance Starts DegradingSince networks at larger companies need to be operational almost all the time, hardware components are constantly stressed, which means that there are situations in which failures or malfunctions occur. In some cases, you will notice this, but at other times the effect may not be visible to the end user. However, once failures start accumulating one after the other, you can suddenly experience a drastic decrease in performance. To avoid that, make sure you schedule maintenance work, preferably with the help of a local to make the task easier.

Upgrade Your DevicesIf your data network was built up some time ago and you have not invested in any upgrades since then, you may want to start looking at the new product catalogues to see whether any of the newer devices can bring about a positive change in your network speed and range of your Wi-Fi signal. A brand new variety of engenius handset may be on the market right now, which enables you to use a cordless phone over a wide radius without suffering from a degraded signal quality.

Change Service ProvidersYour current broadband service provider may not offer the best packages anymore. New players in the market may promise you much better speeds and signal quality, which makes it worthwhile to look at alternatives if you are unhappy about the average quality of service of your current