Carpets come in different ways to bring that extra look and feeling to the room whether it is to make it warm and cosy, make it look bigger or act as a focal point in the room. They could even be useful to protect the underlying floor surface from any nasty stains. Follow the tips below to find out how you could decorate your room with the use of carpets.

Having two or more is better than one.Don’t be afraid to have a combination of rugs in the same room. A plain boring floor can be made more vibrant and interesting by combining different types of carpets in the same room. Find some natural rugs online and mix it up with some colourful ones and make it look more interesting. If you want to have the same carpet in two different rooms, you can do so as long as you switch up the colour schemes of the furniture in the two rooms but keep it still matching to the specific carpet.

Styling is important.You can always choose a carpet that is of one solid colour but there is nothing wrong with wanting to make it more interesting by opting for a patterned rug. However this would suit best, if the furniture in the room is of a solid colour as you can match their hue to a patterned area in the carpet you choose. If your furniture is more patterned, then a solid coloured carpet would look better. Look for some cowhide rugs online if you want to have a more unique and loud statement carpet for the room. An interior designer will tell you that there are many styles of carpets to choose from such as classical styles which include Persian and oriental carpets or contemporary ones, so do thorough research before you decide on the one you want.

Have a good feel to it.Carpet material can also add a level of texture to the décor of the room. Contemporary rugs are usually made from plain and natural materials such as sisal, jute, and hemp. Marmoleum is great eco option which can be ideal for a kitchen. Do not have a cheap shag rug in a high walk through room as you will have to replace it soon. Remember to rotate the carpets regularly to distribute the wear more evenly. Do not hesitate to layer carpets over each other especially if the house is loud as it helps to absorb more sound. For slippery carpets especially over wooden floor, have a rubber anti slip rug underneath it. A custom made carpet is always an option combining all your favourite things together. So don’t be afraid to carry yourself out in designing your rooms with these artefacts.rugs-for-sale