Are you someone who is constantly being blames for the clutter you make in your room? Is it actually a mess which you want to get rid of? Our room is where we sleep, study, relax, have fun and sometimes even eat. It is where our identity lies and where we love to spend most of our time while we are at home. So why make it a mess when you can keep it in an organized manner? After all it tells a lot about our characteristics and we need to create a good image of ourselves on others.

Starting from your wardrobe you can arrange all your clothes either in hangers or stack them up in racks. Stacking allows more space. If you have any clothes which are difficult to iron or are used for special occasions and are made of different fabric which should be taken care of, this you can hang in your wardrobe. Then comes to the shoes in which you have piles and piles of lying on the floor in your room. Why not keep them all in a shoe organiser. Shoe organizers are great for stacking up all your shoes and keeping them neat and tidy. It also reduces the damage done to shoes when stacked up together without any frame in between. You can arrange these in any order you like. We recommend you keep daily wear in an easily reachable location in the organizer. Further it is better if the organizer is kept near a wall where there is support in case your shoes tend to fall off by accident.

As stated above, bed rooms are also converted into study room by some. If so, you might need to arrange a place to keep your study and work material. You can buy a cheap computer desk available in many stores and use it to keep your laptop or PC and any other related material such as books, files, pens holders, and desk calendars etc. For this it is best you buy a computer desk which has ample table space on top and drawers attached to it. Many varieties of computer desks are available for cheap prices. You can even look towards an auction to buy the necessary at very low rates.So keep yourself tidy and clean along with your room too. It is your place of belongings so take due care of it. It should be a place where you feel relaxed to come and have a nap at the end of a hard day’s work.