When it comes to anything about home, safety is a priority. Mostly there is grassy lawn all around, or bare floors, which maximize the chances of slipping or getting kids injured. Mostly artificial grass is gaining ground, as they are eco-friendly too, and don’t require water or fertilizers. Mostly it looks natural and real. But in a bit different way, wet pour Sydney is serving the purpose, and that’s a process where the rubber granules are used to cover the area. There is a certified softball system consists of a double layer; the soft fall lies beneath, and top costing is known as a wear layer.  These layers are hand trialed and the used mixture is fluid. The width of the underlay differs depending on the Free Height of Fall of the play apparatus in the playground. The denser the soft fall, the springier it is.


Our soft fall layer is derived from reprocessed, ragged truck tyers which will then be thrown away as land fulfill or burned abroad. It is obtained from resident retreaters so we’re supporting local industry while caring for the environment. EPDM is a synthetic rubber, virgin coloured. It isn’t objective colored, reused rubber; thus, the color will never come about and consent black tracks over the surface.

Synthetic Lawns

Wet Pour has gained a great reputation by way of the manufacturer, installation service, and suppliers’ source in Sydney. We can supply specific needs for diverse places – beginning from the children’s parks, lawns hotels, playgrounds, and medicinal centers. We have constructed a very powerful client base in various parts of Australia. Our synthetic lawns are manufactured of the highest quality, durable materials for highly used areas. Being a steadfast supplier of synthetic lawn, we guarantee durability and strong point for our entire array of products.

The industrial standard for several years was 19mm Remodel Grass, which is nonetheless a long-wearing financial plan replacement to a colored surface of rubber yet, there are many choices these days with man-made lawn being almost impossible to discriminate from the luxuriant underfoot and the real thing.

Synthetic grass is the best substitute for highly used shaded locations or areas where the original turf just will not grow. By the implantation of our synthetic lawn or a soft fall underlay, in Sydney is specialized for agreement with Australian Standards for playlands safety.

Staff Expertise

Our tradesmen are passionate and well-practiced in all spheres of safety developing in Sydney, after site preparation to transferring of rubber layering or putting in the synthetic grass. We similarly offer rubber surface reparation in case your resolution has lost its hold. We take vanity in our assigned work and no design is much difficult except snowflakes or the prawns. We can advise a design with you to produce captivating patterns for guarding surfaces in Sydney. It will survive for many years and bring not just safety instead of vitality and colour to any space.