Blinds are a helpful asset to your homes and offices. They serve the purpose of controlling the light that enters your rooms. This in turns gives you control over the atmosphere in your rooms and you can change it according to your moods with ease. Apart from that, blinds also have several other advantages like adding a layer of security, improving the overall appearance of your rooms by adding a stylish touch and also helps to insulate your rooms which would save you a lot of money on electricity bills. When deciding what type of blinds you want for your homes, it can be a tough choice to make as there are many different variations of blinds to choose from and someone with no background knowledge can find it to be a difficult task. This guide will help you decide which blind is best for you and choose the one that’s well suited to your needs.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are the most common types of blinds that are in use today. They are horizontal in shape, composed of individual slats that run from left to right. They also come with an extended string that is pulled to raise the blinds and released to close the blinds. This type of blind is commonly used in households and offices. Roller blinds Sutherland are similar in function and although the mechanism varies, they behave in a similar way to Venetian blinds. 


Shades are very similar to blinds. Their main function is to control the sunlight that enters rooms. However, blinds are made of several individual slats that can be moved horizontally and vertically. The way shades differ is that they are comprised of one piece of material. Therefore, they can’t be moved horizontally. They can only move vertically to be opened to let in the sunlight or closed to block it. Best roman blinds can be called shades but they operate very similarly to Venetian blinds. Despite being made out of one piece of material, it can fold upon itself as its being raised.

Vertical Blinds

As the name suggests, vertical blinds are have individual slats that run from the top to bottom. They are built in a style that is opposite to the more common type of blinds which are horizontal in structure and have individual slats that run from left to right. These type of vertical blinds are commonly used in large windows that go all the way from the floor up to the ceiling. They are also an interesting addition to patio doors but they are not only limited to large windows. They can also be added to small windows.